Keny Chan (any pronouns) is a Berlin based interdisciplinary artist focusing on Music, Film, Installation and Technology. Carrying the belief of ‘Telling Stories in different containers’, Keny researches and creates art without the limitation of formats.

Born and raised in Chengdu, China, and later relocated to Germany at the age of 18, Keny seamlessly blends their passion for avant-garde electronic music, cinema, and contemporary art with the cultural essence ingrained in them from their upbringing in the East, crafting an unconventional cross-cultural artistic experience.

With a bachelor degree in Computer Science, and a current ongoing master degree in ‘Design and Computation’ at Berlin University of Arts, this special fusion enables Keny to create art without disciplinary boundaries and reflect on macro societal atmospheres.

Over the past six years, Keny has embarked on a sonic journey with an intentionally unhurried release pattern. Each single has been meticulously crafted. From songwriting, producing, mixing, and mastering, to directing music videos and creating CGIs, they devote extensive time to realise their artistic vision. Meanwhile, Keny was also actively working in visual arts and has exhibited at Ars Electronica. 

Currently, Keny is working on their debut album, along with a short film and an installation sharing the same theme.