2023 - Hourglass ︎

Director, Editor, Colorist, VFX , Co-Production: Keny Chan
Director, Cinematography, Co-Production: Kareem Baholzer
Photographer/VHS Camera: Marbelite
Stylist: Anton
Directors Assistance: Feli Trotter

In Hourglass, the narrative initiated in 'Be OK' unfolds further. In this chapter, Keny successfully breaks free from the time loop and the ominous confines of the dark bathroom, venturing into the deep forest far away from the urban landscape. In the video, Keny appears as a fairy-like figure, summoning spirits of those who have encountered similar struggles, singing about the healing power of time.

2022 - Be OK (B.O.K) ︎

Director, DOP, Producer: Kareem Baholzer
Director, Script, Editor, Colorist, CGI: Keny Chan
Body Double, Assistant: Feli Trotter, Amir Mohammad Assistant: Matthias Brenner
Equipment Rental: dino.berlin

Be OK is Keny Chan’s debut music video. It delves into the symbolism of water, the essence of all carbon-based life forms, and the limitations it imposes on our existence. Inspired by the dual nature of water, the video portrays water as a symbolic deity that holds power of creation and destruction. Through a time loop narrative, it captures the suffocating conflict between introversion and the desire to connect with the outside world.

2018 - Freedom ︎

Director, Animator, Music: Keny Chan

Freedom is a 3D video art project which depicts the anxiety of Keny finding themselves in a dilemma between the selective freedom of the west and the homeland's censorship. It explores the disillusionment of immigrant individuals who discover that the promised liberties advertised in western media may not align with their lived experiences. Growing up looking at the west through the lens of Pop cultures, where such issues were not frequently referred, Keny reflects on the decision to leave the perceived "cage" of their homeland, questioning the true value of their newfound freedom in the face of unexpected realities.