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‘Hourglass’ - Release on Aug.04.2023.

Wrote/ produced/ performed/ mixed/ mastered by Keny Chan.

Cover art by Keny Chan.

After exploring the theme of self-hatred rooted in insecurities in the track 'Be OK,' Keny continues the topic with 'Hourglass', the second single from Keny’s work-in-progress debut project. This ethereal electro-ballad centers around the acknowledgment and acceptance of one's insecurities, without necessarily reaching the stage of self-love, as it requires significant strength and ongoing practice to achieve. 'Hourglass' serves as an encouraging invitation to self-reflection, offering a comforting embrace from oneself.

As the sound of a car passing by ends, Keny begins to sing: "I couldn't say that I've let go of everything in the past, because a prototype they call divine has penetrated into my mind." Despite growing up in a relatively queer-tolerant environment, societal norms are still subconsciously ingrained in Keny's thoughts. This experience resonates with many queer individuals worldwide, as openly embracing queerness is still met with discrimination in numerous regions. Consequently, many people attempt to fit themselves into "acceptable" roles that conform to heteronormative society before embarking on further self-exploration. It shows that being queer involves an ongoing, painful process of self-reflection and decolonization from heteronormativity and binary gender roles.

Shortly thereafter, Keny sings in the chorus, "Don't blame, don't blame, for who you are, baby. The hourglass will take you far away." This comforting line follows a confrontation with insecurities. The title of the song, 'Hourglass,' is introduced for the first time in the lyrics, symbolising the magic of time. Time has the ability to heal, transforming painful experiences encountered during self-discovery and self-confrontation into precious gifts. It tells the listener: It is okay to feel confused and insecure, to not yet be capable of loving oneself fully. Whether it’s the insecurities surrounding one’s sexuality, gender,or look, with time, healing will occur, and the journey will take your journey to somewhere far away.

The chorus continues with the reassurance, "You are, you are, my precious baby. What you don't see in yourself is more than what you say." This line serves as further solace to both Keny and listeners, emphasising their inherent worth beyond their own perception.

'Hourglass' stands as the lightest song in Keny's discography thus far. Airy and siren-like sound designs flow throughout the track, with simple vocals blending amidst grainy sound textures and nostalgic synth melodies. Altogether, 'Hourglass' sculpts a heartwarming and comforting electro-ballad that specifically resonates with the experiences of queer individuals.